Amateur Satellites 


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   Mini Seminar "CubeSats for STEM"  Feburay 2024 at PCARS Video Link

Send your Own Satellite to Space for Just $1000
FM Satellites with M2 Eggbeater Antennas
CubeSat Micropropulsion
Smallest Satellite In Space - Scott Manley
Sat (iodine Satellite)
 Making a CubeSat (PDF)
Solid Fuel CubSats Los Alamos Lab
CubeSat Simulator
Magnetorquers & Reaction Wheels
41st AMSAT Space Symposium Day 1
41st AMSAT Space Symposium Day 2
NASA Announces CubeSat Selection
Receive and Track LoRa Satellites
Real CubeSat for less than 1000usd

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Cosmic Ray Detector
Yale CubeSat Cosmic Ray Sat
Attitude Control
How to turn a Satellite
YouTube TinyGS Sat Info
TinyGS Tracking My KC9LGS 433 MHz
TinyGS Tracking My KC9LGS 915 MHz
How LoRa really works
Mesh Network (MeshCom, Meshtastic)
Getting Started with Meshtastic







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