Home made Rocket - Cost less than 10.00. Made from 3D-Printed PLA and Mailing Tube

Our 3D-Printer Rocket Launches

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Got qestions? Please email here. seminar@space-hobbies.com

Home-Brew 3D Printed Rockets

[A] FreeHand 3D Printed Rocket Launch. View of Flight from Outside of Rocket
[B] FreeHand 3D Printed Rocket View from Inside of the Rocket's ESP32-CAM
DiY 48x4 inch Rocket Landing only build cost under 25.00
DiY X-Ray Rocket with Altimeter
DiY White X-Ray Lost to trees
Diy X-Ray (before NAR certified) Launch Nov. 8th, 2021
Diy X-Ray (before NAR certified) Launch Dec. 20th, 2022
NAR Clubs near me East Coast Florida

Our AGM-600 7.5 Foot Rocket

(Not yet launched and recently built )